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Addiction and Grief Counseling Services by Lori Allen


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I believe that change occurs when the client/counselor relationship is authentic and the environment is safe and filled with possibility.  As a counselor, I work with individuals to discover their unique self, and place their energy into living intentionally.

My zeal for helping others is derived from a personal victory over addictions and loss in my own life. I am passionate about helping my clients develop new cognitive and behavioral skills, while facilitating restoration in other areas of their lives. I utilize a holistic client centered approach to addiction and grief treatment while integrating various disciplines that assist in the individual's recovery process. My goal is to help clients transition from recognition to recovery; and, from recovery to restoration. My hope is to see you begin your journey of living a life of Purpose and Design.

Lori Allen understands addicton. Her office is located at 2524 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego CA - Mission Valley

Specializing in Grief & Addiction Recovery


You Can Run But You Can’t Hide – When it comes to your emotions, wherever you go, and whatever you do, they are still there. The emotions generated by talking about tragic events in our lives create tangible energy. That energy can be stored in the body and then later misdirected in the form of  unhealthy choices. This stored up energy can have tremendous negative physical consequences on the body, in the form of illness and physical conditions that accrue when emotions resulting from tragedy are either misdirected or left unattended. That energy must be dealt with directly and effectively by talking truthfully about the very specific events that have affected you.


Addiction is an epidemic in our nation. It is one of complexities and is progressive in nature. It affects more than just the body, it affects an individual's whole being.  It is important for  people to know and understand you can experience both mental illness and addiction. Often mental illness may be present before an addiction ever begins. In some cases substance use may trigger, or even cause a mental disorder to worsen. Without skilled professional intervention, the problems associated with addiction can become a downward progression of chronic use. And, in extreme cases may even cause death.  


What draws people into destructive, codependent relationships? The answer is most often found in our childhood pain which impacts today's choices.  In reality, codependent people are adults who have not emotionally grown up. As a result, they will be inclined to be drawn into care-taking and needy relationships. Do you identify with the codependent relationship profile? These individuals find themselves in denial; having difficulty  establishing healthy intimate relationships; having difficulty establishing boundaries; experiencing loss of identity; become possessive, controlling, and manipulating; as well as violate their own moral conscience. 


Individual counseling is collaborative in approach. Throughout this method you will have the ability to explore and discuss your presenting issues or concerns. As a counselor, I can help in assisting you to identify the areas for change and define or redefine the goals you seek to accomplish. This is a process "if embraced", can produce positive growth in your life, relationships, and strengthen your personal recovery journey. Empowering you to overcome negative patterns, beliefs, or behaviors that can keep you feeling stuck and ambivalent in your life.

Family / Couples

During family counseling, family members learn how to develop the necessary skills needed to assist a loved one towards the path of recovery. It is important to realize that some individuals may not be able to discern or comprehend the reason behind their loved one's addiction. Family counseling is designed to define and bring understanding to those underlying issues, and allow the family to grow through the recovery process.

Life Coaching

Recovery coaching can help you move beyond the limitations of living only “one day at time” without jeopardizing your recovery. Coaching clients learn how to plan ahead, how to set goals, and how to achieve them. When you work with a coach, you learn the art of breaking things down into small steps.