About Me

Lori Allen has walked a path of addiction and recovery. She understands the struggles of chemical dependency and attaining sobriety. Her office is located in the San Diego Area

I've heard it said that in order to truly relate to someone you have to walk a mile in their shoes. These life experiences enable our relational comprehension to transcend beyond sympathy with an individual, endowing us with the ability to empathize with them as well. Empathy is a very powerful emotion, but when it's coupled  with a miraculous personal testimony and an educated understanding of the clients needs, it becomes the proverbial "Achilles Heel" to an addiction.


For 8 years of my young adult life I struggled with an addiction and dependency to drugs and alcohol. Every tree has a root system, and at that time mine was image and acceptance. My battle started not with a substance, but an eating disorder, as well as unresolved grief and loss. After struggling with the ailment for about a year, I began to embrace destructive alternatives. Over the course of the next 8 years my life began to spiral out of control. Every addiction follows a natural regression from wellness, and mine was no exception. What started out as occasional, social use led to a dependency on substances that consumed every fiber of my being.


I believe that I have been called back to the place that I have been delivered from. I bring with me a personal message of hope, acceptance, and restoration. I desire for others who are struggling with addiction to know and understand that freedom and wellness isn't an illusion. It's real and it's attainable. I believe when partnering with a client therapeutically, this journey of healing begins when you can treat each individual as a whole being which encompasses the body, soul, and spirit. I encourage you to give yourself permission to take a step of courage and try something new. You deserve the ability to heal and step into your potential and greatness.

My faith as a christian woman also guides my practice, I welcome spirituality in the therapy room based on my clients preference when appropriate.

Clinical Experince

I began my counseling career in 2012 working at Living Epistles Counseling Services, as well as two local treatment facilities (Soledad Women's Recovery and Genesis Men's Recovery) where I served both populations in a variety of roles. These roles included process and psycho-educational groups, lectures, individual counseling, family support, relapse prevention, transition & discharge planning, as well as case management services.


I currently operate in private practice. I had the privilege in assisting with the development of Phases Integration Program, where I held the position of Director over Case Management Department. Additionally, I have had the honor in developing, and residing as Chaplain over, the Soul Care Ministry at Grace Church. 


My credentials, areas of specialty, and certifications include: ​

  • LCC (Licensed Clinical Chaplain)

  • CBF (Certified Bereavement Facilitator with Glendale Adventist Medical Center Chaplain’s Department)

  • CGRS (Certified Grief Recovery Specialist through The Grief Recovery Institute)

  • CAODC-A-CS (CADTP Alcohol/Other Drug Counselor –Advanced –  Clinical Supervisor)

  • CSC (Clinical Supervisor Credential - Breining Institute)

  • CDAAC (Certified Drug Alcohol and Addiction Counselor) through the Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors Institute

  • CCDS (Certified Co-Occurring Disorder Specialist),

  • RAS (Registered Addiction Specialist - Nationally Certified through the Breining Institute)

  • CCC (Certified Codependency Counselor through ACADCI), 

  • CCLC (Certified Christian Life Coach - diploma and advanced diploma program through the PCCCA - Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy)

  • RVARS (Certified Relationship Violence Assessment & Response Specialist) 

  • DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy - Certificate course)

  • Over 800 hours of various certification programs offered by the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors)

  • Court Approved Anger Management Courses