The following is a list of endorsements from professionals, business owners, and Church leaders throughout the San Diego community. I have worked with these individuals, and continue to do so on a professional level.

Dr Kimberly Tilley, PsyD, QME


Lori Allen is one of the most genuinely caring and insightful people (let alone counselor) that you will ever meet. She is passionate about helping people, regardless of their background, race, gender, beliefs, or socioeconomic status. She is veracious about increasing her knowledge base and clinical skills in order to help as many people, as much as possible, with the various struggles in their lives. She is able to specialize, but also able to see the big picture and can holistically treat individuals, as well as those persons who are important in their lives. She is truly a gem, and I would not hesitate to refer anyone to her services. In fact I consider it an honor to know her; and I'm so glad that people like her are in the counseling profession. She really does make a difference in peoples lives. 

Chrissy Chopin (Business Development, Haven Hills Recovery)


Lori Allen is a tremendously gifted counselor.  She pours her heart and soul into everything she does; this energy is contagious and has tremendous healing effects on everyone around her.  I have witnessed her work over the years and continue to be amazed by the healing & connection she brings to clients and their families.  Lori is an incredible family counselor, healer and friend. I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I trust her completely; she works with the toughest, most complex cases, bringing light and hope into spaces that previously seemed lost. Her clients and their families cannot say enough about her and neither can I. Lori is the consummate professional and continues to prove her devotion to continued mastery of her craft.  It is a privilege to work with her. 

Amber Montgomery (Referral Relations Manager, Northbound)

We come across people in our lives who make an impact, who leave you with a new fresh perspective, who address our troubles with love and grace, Lori Allen is one of those people. I have had the pleasure of knowing Lori Allen for several years now. The beauty is that I have been able to connect with Lori through several, very different times in my life. Lori was one of my therapist during a time when I needed to seek professional help, she made me feel like there is hope and there is a loving God who loves and has a plan for my life. My life journey has brought me to a place where I am privileged to help those who are struggling with addiction and mental health. With that said I have met a lot of therapists, and Lori stands out above them all. She keeps an open mind with anyone she is working with and her approach to her work is so genuine, compassionate, and relatable. I can say with all my heart that if I had a family member who happened to be struggling with grief, pain, or suffering, I know they would be in wonderful hands with Lori. She has helped me so much, and I am grateful to have her in my life. I continue to use Lori as a referral source.  

Tracy Castle (Director of Admissions, New Life Spirit Recovery)


I have personally known Lori Allen for over ten years.  What I know to be true is that Lori has a strong faith, and is genuinely ready and willing to help others.  She is a friend to us at New Life Spirit Recovery and we have always been comfortable referring clients Lori's way.  We have always been able to count on her to be professional, kind, and compassionate, and you can as well.

Pastor David Williams, Mdiv


Lori is on my very short list of exceptional counselors/therapists. In regard to grief, trauma and addiction, I believe that her God given skill is second to none. She has life experience to back up her practical wisdom, but also the education to look at each situation with a studied eye. I do not recommend individuals in this field flippantly because as a pastor, I understand how important it is to refer out when I need assistance with a person in any particular situation. When making referrals to Lori, I have absolute trust in what God has done in her to work through and into others. It is a major blessing to have someone of her caliber as a contact and then as a friend; Southern California is blessed to have Lori Allen in the midst.  

Jamie St. John, LCSW

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Lori Allen’s counseling services! I worked with Lori for two years at a substance abuse treatment facility for women and learned that she has a unique way of helping those in her care heal from grief and loss, addiction, and depression. Lori is always highly professional while at the same time warm, caring, and compassionate. Lori’s incorporation of faith into the counseling process builds hope and healing in the individuals she works with. If you are seeking health and freedom for yourself or a loved one, I strongly recommend that you seek Lori’s services. She is an absolute gift to counseling field and all who meet her! 

Jesse Jacobs, Mdiv (Campus Pastor at Grace Church San Diego)


I have been friends with Lori and her husband for nearly 15 years. There are a number of aspects that go into being a successful therapist. Lori integrates the best of therapy into a powerful whole. She has the education, credentials, experience and professionalism, but those only go so far. She has a deep passion for you to be set free and will walk with you to discover your true identity. The results of her care has impacted my family and many others at the church I pastor. If you need counsel for addiction, relationship challenges or grief, Lori will help you move forward with fresh hope and lasting change.

Nolan Lee (Executive Pastor Grace Church San Diego)

Lori is a talented therapist and an amazing leader.  She has provided therapy to a large number of our people at our church as well as assisted us in addressing individual mental health emergencies. Lori created a program at our church called Soul Care which has helped so many people address issues that have held them back for years. Lori is professional, caring, and helps you address the root issue keeping you from a full life.  

Keith Burke, Ph.D. (Clinical Director/Licensed Psychologist)


I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Lori at the Soledad House residential substance use treatment facility. I appreciate Lori’s experience and skill.  She is a dependable, professional, and ethical counselor. She is always engaged and helpful with all of her clients, many of whom decide to continue working with Lori as a counselor after leaving treatment. Her training in grief and loss and complex trauma are very relevant when working with her counseling clients, who ultimately are the beneficiaries.

James L Profit, Jr. (Psy.D, MCC, MRAS, MDAAC)


Mrs Lori Allen has developed a practice that provides outstanding, useful information for those who have been seeking help, and endlessly coming up short with the wrong answers. She is very personal, clinical, and spiritual in her approach to problem solving. Mrs Allen also uses evidence based research in her practice to come up with the best results for each of her clients. She will empower her clients to discover compelling insights into the complexities and fundamental nature of mental health. 

Tommy Hathorn (Executive Director of Genesis Recovery San Diego)


Lori Allen is an integral component in our process of counseling men with history of substance abuse. She has been extremely effective at exposing areas of these men's lives they were previously reluctant to explore. The men often walk out of their sessions emotionally exhausted from the deep work that Lori takes them through. I have never seen grown men cry healthier tears more! The response from the men have been consistently positive, and the only complaint I have ever heard was that Lori explores the areas the men are uncomfortable exploring! I personally benefit from the time I spend with Lori as a friend and colleague. Her perspective is sharp and always compassionate. She has a genuinely deep concern for every individual she counsels, and gets excited about every individuals progress. I am always impressed with the passion and energy she brings to work EVERY day! If I could, I would be her sole employer. 

Jeffrey P. Mach (Attorney- Mach Law)


Lori is truly passionate about her work and helping people. When I first met with her, I was immediately impressed by her demeanor, professionalism, and her desire to listen. Since that time, I have referred others to Lori, and have heard nothing but rave reviews. In short, Lori is a fantastic counselor that genuinely cares about helping others, I highly recommend Lori Allen! 

Dr. Timothy Scott (Senior Pastor, Grace Church San Diego)

I have known Lori Allen for several years. She has an unusually deep commitment to the Lord, which drives her to love others. She is on a life mission to help people get unstuck. I have watched her skillfully reach people in their darkest moments and bring them to a confident hope for meaningful change.


Lori combines spiritual truth, a good understand of the human condition and a heart for the hurting. She is qualified to lead people in the process of recovery from addiction. Her consistent commitment to God and people is inspiring to those who have nowhere else to go for change. 


She is a great friend to my wife and me and has given counsel to one of our daughters in incredibly helpful ways. Because of this, we know first hand the impact of her skillful counsel for hurting lives.


I highly recommend Lori as a counselor and mentor for those who need help navigating life well.

Dr Marie Fang (Psy.D in Clinical Psychology)


I have been closely familiar with Lori Allen's work for 10 years. Lori has all the components of an effective counselor in her level of responsibility, as well as her awareness and use of current, effective treatments. But what stands out to me the most is Lori's unique gifting in her ability to connect with the clients in a manner that I rarely encounter with other counselors. Lori has a way of meeting her clients such that she is honest about how she experiences the same level of brokenness as those she works with, but also maintains clear boundaries of her leadership in the context of the relationship. The result is a deep, trusting relationship within which rapid and trans-formative work occurs. I have seen rapid, effective, and lasting change time and time again in the work that Lori offers, and I have no doubt that she will continue offering the best level of care to those she works with. Furthermore, Lori's relationship with God clearly comes through in the context of her work. Her honesty about how she has allowed God to bring transformation within herself opens the doors for her clients to experience the same transformation. I believe her steadfast reliance on God is what has led her to the giftings I have mentioned. 

Kelli Adame (Psychotherapist, Life coach, Relationship Expert) 


Lori Allen is an extraordinarily gifted addiction counselor. Anyone who has had the privilege of working with Lori knows she is profoundly insightful.  Her professional training, her natural ability, and her life experience all contribute to her rare effectiveness as a counselor. Lori is passionate about her work and helping people to recover because she knows it is her "purpose".  She lives her full potential and inspires those around her to do the same. From clinical peers to clients, Lori is respected and admired for her work and her character. She is genuine, gentle but direct  and she is committed at her core to helping her clients move toward achieving their goals. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Scott H Silverman (CEO/Founder Confidential Recovery)


Lori Allen is a counselor who spends most of her waking hours taking care of her clients and their families. I have personally known Lori for many years. I know whenever she makes a call, it is always to help others who are in need. Her never ending passion and professionalism to help others is contagious. Her courage, her commitment, and her faith to help others are beyond comparison. I personally want to be more like her. She's not just a great person- but also a true friend. 

Shana Shaterian (Founder Phases Integration Program)


I have had the privilege of working with Lori for the past 5 years and I have seen first hand the impact she has had on so many men and women’s lives. She is understanding and compassionate but also has the unique gift of strengthening clients to move past anything holding them back. She is truly passionate about her work and is proactive about getting educated on new clinical modalities to be the most effective counselor possible. I trust her wholeheartedly with my clients and their families and I’m truly blessed to be working with her.